• Note

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    How I Start the Process

    I start every painting by priming the canvas which is a technique of laying a thin layer of paint over the entire canvas.

    I then paint the word “love” on the canvas with a heart which is my way of connecting with the canvas and paint and sharing my love with viewers of my paintings.

  • Miracle

    In creating Miracle, I began by layering paint using complimentary earth tones. Some colors balance each other and other colors stand out creating designs weaved into the painting. I then added areas of turquoise and phalo green using bold brush strokes with my paint brush and also thinned out some paint allowing it to run creating some transparent areas. I used a sgraffito technique of carving away paint and exposing the paint layer underneath with a pallet knife to expose the golden ochre and orange tones underneath the turquoise.

  • Enigma

    With Enigma I felt compelled to create some large shapes. I created large areas of one color broken down into smaller shapes almost like puzzle pieces. I had no intention of human like figures emerging into the puzzles but the shapes took on different forms and shapes lending themselves to individual discovery. I then added some line and larger areas of color.

  • Giverny

    I took this photo in Giverny, France and chose it for a painting based on its beauty, the foreground with the unique bush and flow of the branches, the colorful background, the positive and negative space.

    I begin with a drawing from the photo on a primed canvas. I keep the drawing simplified and free. Once I add color the photo is no longer as important as following what the painting needs.

  • The painting takes on a life of its own through color and design. As more paint is added I make sure the colors dance around the canvas. I also like to play with dark against light and letting some of the primed canvas color show through. Knowing when to stop is often a challenge. I like my paintings to be loose and free, full of emotion and passion, so I do my best not to overwork them. A painting is done when all the elements are in harmony and balance.

  • This is me at work in the painting process. I love what I do and I hope it shows.