About the Artist

Sterba creates paintings as reflections of her passion involving her inner spiritual and objective analysis of the subject.  Her thoughts and feelings transcend the ordinary as she restructures nature’s many moods.  What is particularly important is the healing nature of her work.  Sterba starts every painting writing the word “love” on the canvas. This process grounds her and endows her work with the inspiration she hopes clients can bring into their own lives.  Sterba adapted her calligraphy from the way Zen painters work with line. The bold brush marks and color are influenced by the pure self- expression of the Fauve painters.  Fluidity of paint, movement, texture, and design are inspired by the Abstract painters, most notably, Joan Mitchell.  Sterba’s work has been featured in art galleries as well as local art museums including Los Angeles County Museum of Art Sales and Rental Gallery and the Long Beach Museum of Art Biennial Art Auctions.

Artist’s Statement

My paintings are inspired by the color and design of nature. I paint from a deep love of nature’s rhythm, movement, and voice.  From the motion of the trees to the rich tranquility of the ocean, I hope to convey serenity, beauty, peace, and optimism through the paintings that emerge from my soul.

I trained and worked for years as a psychotherapist and during that time I experienced how profoundly and deeply art can affect people.  I utilized art therapy helping patients express feelings in a nonverbal way.  As an artist, I created paintings for my clients who expressed how the energy of the work had a healing effect on them.  Thus, I felt called to further study and experience the transformative nature of art.

Painting has evolved into a mindful expression of my emotions. My intention is that the viewer connects with the outward beauty as well as the feelings that created the painting itself.  I start every painting with the word “love” after priming the canvas in a single color. This process grounds me and endows my work with inspiration.

My desire is to connect with the aliveness of nature and bring that life force to the canvas.  Structure is balanced with the flow of movement like a dance throughout the painting.   I create space through color, using calligraphy as a drawing tool to set up the composition.  Energy and rhythm are produced in the canvas with the forthcoming brushstrokes.